The Top 10 Things To Do In Lincolnshire!

Lincoln is a historic place and there’s lots to do. Are you due to leave soon and want some last minute ideas? These are our must visits for all Lincoln Leavers

1. Boating Lake – Cleethorpes

Opening Times: 8:30am – 5pm Monday to Friday

When to visit: Summer

Open during Corona?: Yes

If you’re looking for a last lucky dip in Lincoln, the Boating Lake is a good way to cap off your trip.

As the sun is slowly leaving us for 2020, you can catch the last few glimmers of hope down at the Boating Lake.

With a pedalo and rowing boat ride, sandpit and shipwreck playground and paddling area – there are a lot of amenities for a family with kids. Enjoy the two cafes for a break and even look out to sea from the ABP Observatory.

2. Belton House – Grantham

Opening Times: 10am – 5pm Monday to Sunday

When to visit: Whenever!

Open during Corona?: Yes

If you’re feeling proper and want to observe a grandiose, Lord of the Manor type building and garden – Belton House is for you.

It’s fun to walk around these vast properties and imagine what went on during the years it has been standing. No doubt a lot, knowing Lincolnshire!

The best time to go is… Anytime! Whether you want a crisp Winter’s afternoon or a sunny Summer morning, you can venture down to Belton House.

3. Lincoln Cathedral

Opening Times: 10am-4pm Monday to Friday. Them Sunday 11am-3:30pm
When to visit: Whenever!

Open during Corona?: Yes

Lincoln Cathedral, the Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Lincoln. It first started being created in 1072. It was once the tallest building in the world which lasted until 1549.

Lincoln Cathedral is a great day out for individuals and the family alike. The intricate detail inside is second to none and you become captivated with the detail inside. We normally host guests at our wedding venues in Lincolnshire after they have visited Lincoln cathedral for their wedding ceremony.

4. St Botolph’s Church or “The Stump”

Opening Times: 8:30am – 4pm Monday to Saturday. Open 7:30am to 7:30pm on a Sunday.

When to visit: Whenever!

Open During Corona: Yes

An extremely rare and unique church, The Stump is worth visiting if you’re into architecture, history or a mix of both. You can find it in Boston, Lincolnshire. The entire building is 266 feet 9 inches (81.31m), so it’s quite a sizeable building. According to Wikipedia, you can see the building always the way from Norfolk on a clear day!

Anyway, the building is glorious and well worth a trip if you’re ever in the Boston Lincolnshire area. They have quite a comprehensive website that you can check out if you are planning on visiting

5. Horncastle

Horncastle is an entire area found in Lincolnshire. If you’re interested in visiting the county and want to see some of the small villages and towns, Horncastle should be on your list.

It has a local trading market on Thursdays and Saturdays you can visit – which started back in the 1200s! Certainly lots of history and heritage to soak up in this sacred region!

The famous “plumbread” also comes from this little town. It’s a fruit loaf, of sorts. Then they also have their poacher cheese, which is matured for over a year. Both local delicacies!

Antique shops are plentiful here – with more antique shops in a
concentrated area (town) than anywhere else in England!

Enjoy the hilly and scenic region for walks, strolls and days out

6. The Beach! Skegness

Opening times: Whenever!

When to go?: Depends on you!

Open for Corona: Yes, for now!

This list wouldn’t be complete without a day at the beach, would it?! And of course, the beach is free, other than the fish and chip shop and arcades.
Skegness beach is famous – most English people know about it. It often gets cited as a dodgy place or somewhere you wouldn’t want to go… But it’s perfectly fine! It’s an English beach, much like the others.

There’s loads to do, including rides, arcades, donkey riding, paddling pools, the Fantastic Island Theme Park nearby, and the butterfly conservatory at Natureland. The beach itself has won the Blue Flag Award meaning it’s a gold standard beach. We presume that means the judges thought it was good

7. Burghley House, Stamford

Opening Times: 11am-5pm from Monday to Thursday and 11am-5pm at the weekend

When to go?: Up to you

Open for Corona?: Yes

Price: starting at £8.50 for adults, £5.50 for children and concessions from £7.

Another massively historic building, this manor boasts over 35 main rooms in the building, with 80 other supporting rooms! A huge building.

Simply Google the area to see the building and how nice the grounds are around it.

Enjoy the gift shop for souvenirs, the grounds for a nice walk and the historic parkland, which is full of fallow deer

8. Lincolnshire Wildlife Park, Friskney

Opening Times: 10am-5pm Monday to Sunday (but get there before 4pm for entry)

Price: £9.95 for adults, £8.50 for children and toddlers are free. Seniors pay the same amount as children.

Open during Corona?: Yes!

Lincolnshire Wildlife Park is one of the UK’s largest animal sanctuaries. They have every kind of animal you would hope to see – from birds, mammals and reptiles.

They home the likes of White Lion, Begal Tigers, Marmoset Monkeys, Common Brown Lemurs and more!

There’s a huge range and well worth a visit for any avid animal lovers

9. Woolsthorpe Manor – Grantham

Opening times

When to go?: Whenever!

Open during Covid?: Yes!

Grantham is pretty near Nottingham and one of the first stops on the way through Lincolnshire from Nottingham.

Grantham is worth checking out. It’s like many other towns around the UK, but they all have their own unique touch, feel and personality.

The Woolsthorpe Manor in particular is famous thanks for Sir Isaac Newton. He supposedly performed his famous apple tree experiment here – as well as being born there!

It’s another nice day out to be had at a place like Woolsthorpe

10. Woodside Wildlife and Falconry Park, Newball

Opening times: 10am – 5pm Monday to Sunday

Price: £9.95 for adults, £8.45 for children and free for toddlers. Seniors pay £9.45…

Open for Covid?: Yes!

If you find yourself in a different area of Lincolnshire, perhaps the wildlife and park in Newball is more suited to you!
Woodside has everything from penguins, white wolves, sloths, butterflies, snakes, tarantulas and loads of different birds!
They also have a desire to help sustain animals. They recently inducted two Red Panda sisters. They want to get a male red panda for the future!